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A $500 deposit is all it takes to hold the sale price of your unit and installation date - and we will install your new stove, fireplace, or insert as soon as the Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate is lifted.

50% off

Our expert consultants will put together a quote specific to the installation just for your home - then they will cut the labor charge in half! Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch to set up a consultation and virtual tour or bid.


Ask a Showroom Specialist about our

12 Month Zero Interest Financing Program. Deals like this only happen once every

92 years! (We know - that's how long we've been in business!)

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With any Installation scheduled now we will include a $100 Gift Card to

TT's Old Iron Brewery & BBQ

Step 1 - Browse our selection online, schedule a "virtual visit" to our showroom with the help of one of our specialists.

Step 2 - Set up a virtual bid (think of this as a video chat) with one of our expert consultants. Or if you prefer to take pictures and measurements to send in to us, contact us and we'll tell you exactly what we need to put a quote together for your home.

Step 3 - We send you a fixed Installation Quote that includes the unit, the options you choose, everything else for the install, and any labor charges (don't forget the 50% discount on labor right now!). 

Step 4 - Just a $500 deposit holds your Installation Date, the Sales Price, and gets you the TT's Gift card! *Remember, up to 12 Month Zero Interest Financing is available right now also.

Step 5 - As soon as the Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate is lifted, we will install your unit! Please also know that if the unit is a heating source in the home that is an emergency repair/replacement while temperatures are cooler, we may be able to install your unit sooner.

We Make It As Easy as 1, 2, 3... (4, 5)

Questions? Call us at (509) 926-8911

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