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Napoleon Phantom Prestige® 500

Grill Features

Grill Features

Luxurious matte black finish

80,000 BTU's

31 Burger Capacity

Lifetime Warranty


Grilling Rack

Upgraded multifunctional grilling rack allows you to cook wings, chicken legs, veggies, etc. like a pro grill master.



Never leave your grill on again by mistake! The NIGHT LIGHT™ knobs with SafetyGlow turn red when the burner is on, allowing for safe and convenient multi-zone grilling.


Sear Plates

The staggered set up creates even heat distribution and protects the burners. Seven stainless steel sear plates provide extra surface area for any drippings from your food to vaporize, avoiding flare-ups. 

Prestige 500 Sear Plate.jfif

Cooking Grids

Upgraded iconic WAVE™ cast stainless cooking grids provide even heat transfer and prevents smaller foods from falling.


Infrared Side Burner

On the Infrared sear station side burner, gas is forced through ports in a ceramic plate and ignited, heating to over 1400°F in 30 seconds, producing high heat searing.



The infrared heat from the rear rotisserie burner is perfect for high heat searing and slow spit roasting.


Lift Ease™ Lid

The Lift Ease™ Center-Gravity Roll Top specially built lid uses center-gravity to lift smoothly without extending past the back of the grill saving space.

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