Pellets, One Ton North Idaho Energy Pellets

Pellets, One Ton North Idaho Energy Pellets


North Idaho Wood Burning Pellets 

One ton (50 - 40# bags)

Save $10 off the online price by calling our store to process payment by phone.

Pellets can be picked up at one time, or can be stored "on account" and picked up as needed. We do our best to guarantee pellets in stock from August/September thru March/April/May of each year, depending on the weather.


North Idaho Energy Logs Super Premium Pellets. The clear bag lets you see the quality. Like our Energy Logs, Our Premium Pellets are made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills and have no additives. The high density and low moisture content of our Premium Pellets enables it to pack 8400 BTU’s per pound, and creates less than 1/2 of 1% ash.

Starting with only high quality fiber, we make a consistent, high quality wood pellet that customers have been heating their home with for years. We are committed to finding only the best raw materials and continually finding ways to improve our product.


*These pellets are not considered food safe and not to be used in a pellet-burning smoker

Pellet tons are not available for delivery at this time.